The Redwalls Band

The Redwalls is an indie band from Deerfield, Illinois. Deerfield is a village located approximately twenty five miles north of the city of Chicago. The red walls started in 2001 as a British rock cover band in a high school located in Deerfield, Illinois. This British cover band was called The Pages and was a four member group. Their first performance while they were still in high school was at a local Jazz club called Pops for Champagne. The Pages band soon started to write their own lyrics and had earned the opportunity for a regular booking at a local live club.

The Pages band created a music demo, which they had provided to a famous record company. In 2003 after signing with the record company, they decided to changed the band name to The Redwalls.

The Redwalls music wants to remain all individuals about a certain four classic rock band, which was part of the indie music scene. The Redwalls lyrics are very heavy on the 1960s. The group members were the following: Logan Baren (singer/guitarist), Justin Baren (bassist), Jordan Koser (drummer) and Andrew Langer (lead guitarist). The Red Walls had released their first debut album on 2003, which was called Universal Blues. Two years after their first album, they had released their second album with a new record company they had signed. The second album was released on June 21st of 2005 titled De Nova. Shortly after the successful released of this album they were invited to join the English rock band called Oasis on their summer United Kingdom tour and they also performed at Lollapalooza in 2005 and 2006.

By the year 2007, this indie band had finished recording new material for their third album. The Red walls on October 23rd of 2007, had released their third album which was titled the same as the band name. One of their tracks from this album was featured on an AT&T commercial. The indie band by the year 2008 had achieved success on their career and decided to begin The Redwalls Tour in the United States. Later 2008, after their successful U.S tour they once again begin a tour in the U.K. After the U.K tour, their drummer and lead guitarist decided live to band to focus on other projects.

In January of 2009, the group released their United Kingdom single called “Memories”. Later after this track released the band drummer announced his departure from the group. This band won the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards for the best College record label album of the year. Here, at you will find all information about The Redwalls band.