Just a few more days

Well, we’ve entered our final week in Sweden. The record is more or less done with a couple more small things still to finish. It sounds great.

Night fell hard last night, in this southern Swedish town, my dear blog readers. it fell like a 10 pound bag of sand on my head. Dear Lord! What a night!Anyhow, I’m writing to give you a glimpse of…

Beware of crazy nonsensical blog posts! They’re pretty easy to spot. Just look very closely. But hey, as long as everyone is having fun… Keep it legal, keep it safe.

What a glorious day! A ghostly angel just flew into the studio. It was the ghost of our beloved puppet parot, Delilah!! OMG! She looks more beautiful than ever.

hey yall, sometimes when im all alone i like to put on old cyndi lauper and early madonna records and i find myself dancing, does this ever happen to you, as many of you may not know i used to be a mo…

I had to kill the puppet parot Deliah today. She just talks so much shit and I (and when I say “I” I mean we) had enough of her stupid parrot mouth. No one should be sad though.

Today we ordered Chinese food between harpsichord takes. It’s not easy to find Chinese food in Sweden…in fact it’s impossible. I actually made it out of office supplies.

Hi there,Firstly, I’d like to say thanks to all who sent us links to videos. We stretched the limits of our you tube enjoyment so it was nice to have new material.

Greetings,Its been awhile, but we’ve been hard at work so its justified. Things are moving along nicely here at Gula Studion.

I had a moment away from work so I thought I’d say hi and let everyone know whats new. Well, we’ve gotten a lot of work done so far.