Indie bands and their fans as pottential online clients

The Redwalls are an indie band from Deerfield, Illinois. They have been active in the indie music industry since 2001 and in 2003 have signed their first record deal with a label company. They have released three albums and in 2009 a new single called Memories.

The Redwalls, former The Pages (they changed their name when they signed with the record company), are among the many names in the indie industry today who have made indie music mainstream. Usually, indie bands are called this way because they are independent artists who manage to record their albums in their own studios and arrange their own gigs and concert, thus respecting the legacy of independent music. They are independent artists who don't need marketing schemes and strategies in order to attract their fans. Their only value is the purity and honesty of their music. Indie music has gone mainstream today because many indie bands have recorded commercial indie-pop songs that have attracted large audiences. In the end, this turnout can't be bad for the indie current since it puts it in the spotlights, but bands need to deal with a fine line between good indie music and just commercial superfluous songs that are likeable.

In the end, indie bands can attract large crowds at concerts. These crowds are usually made out of young adults who are familiar with the online environment and like to impulse buy things like ticket concerts and different online products. They are the perfect audience for many online businesses which are very interested in creating ads in order to attract these crowds.

Music is expression of harmony in sound. Love is the expression of harmony in life.

When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had and never will have.

We dance for joy, for fears, for tears,for , for madness, for hopes, for , we are the dancers.

Music is what feelings sound like and that's why you feel the

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