De Nova

"This 13-track juggernaut shows an impressive mastery of classic-rock skills: Keith Richards guitar riffs that have rolled in Delta mud, Lennon/McCartney mirror-image harmonies, soulful Memphis horns, even lyrics that studiously mimic the spaciness of the psychedelic era"

"'Thank You' is shamelessly pop in the singalong itch it spreads, but there's no doubt this band is headed for greatness." Billboard Magazine

"De Nova is sure to become a favorite in your collection and do not be surprised if it doesn't leave your CD player for a long time."

"The Redwalls earned the right to allude to the past through the kick of their melodies an the flair of their attitude." New York Daily News

"Rooting For The Redwalls: Classic-rock-loving young Chicagoans make a promising debut."

"The Redwalls have the talent and creativity to turn sound original and explosive."

"3 out of 4 stars"

"The Redwalls celebrated in style by performing the album in its entirety for an adoring hometown crowd, including several songs they'd never performed live, and beefing up their sound to match the album by adding a three-piece horn section, Scott Ligon on Hammond B3 organ and Fender Rhodes and their manager Mitch Marlow on auxiliary keyboards."

"Not since Material Issue has a local rock-pop act had such tuneful means and hit-making potential. In addition to air-walking rhythms, ringing hooks, sincere vocals and contagious choruses, the Redwalls possessed the fresh looks and spirit of a group not yet jaded by music-industry convention."

"At a time when Rod Stewart performs middle-of-the-road standards and Mick Jagger manages the Stones like they're a mutual fund, the young Redwalls are making the music of these stars sound new again."

"4 out of 5 stars"

"They won this jaded critic over to the point where all I have left to say is: Meet The Redwalls. A-"

"The band itself -- Mr. Baren and his bassist brother, Justin, plus lead guitarist Andrew Langer and drummer Justin Kozen -- plays with such a come-party-with-us spirit of boozy, brawling fun, you'll swear it's a pack of British yobbos, not American suburbanites in their 20s."

"The Redwalls manage to perform complex musical arrangements while deftly carrying intricate harmonies in the foreground of each of the album's tracks. "On My Way" and "Hung Up On The Way I'm Feeling" have them stretching their rock brains and brawn, standing as solid and evolving works. "Build a Bridge" and "It's Alright" take things back a notch, working as tributes to straightforward old-school rock radio in the vein of early Beatles. Catchy hooks run rampant on De Nova as well, making tracks like "Thank You" good for repeat listens."

"This is one of those feel good summer albums, perfect for a Saturday festival, porch party or just cruising around. A-"

Universal Blues

"Universal Blues was recorded both very quickly (one week) and extremely cheaply (a couple grand), yet this humble debut easily outshines most of the other rock debuts from this past year"

"...they stepped up to the proverbial plate and smashed an over-the-Green-Monster homerun on their first swing."

"This one is, simply, AMAZING, so listen up."

"Although the Redwalls look as if they ought to be primping for the prom, they boast the chops of musicians twice their age..."

"The Redwalls resurrect a classic blues-rock style that even the best cover band couldn't hope to pull off."

Music is expression of harmony in sound. Love is the expression of harmony in life.

When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had and never will have.

We dance for joy, for fears, for tears,for , for madness, for hopes, for , we are the dancers.

Music is what feelings sound like and that's why you feel the

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